Another Side

by Megan Steinke

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Here's my newest record featuring some of my v talented friends. Listen and enjoy:)


released February 1, 2019

Mixing/Mastering: John McLucas
Drums: Max Davis
Trumpet: Tony Perez
Bass: Kevin Church / Taylor Hatch
Sax: Austin Tinkess
Violin: John Nowel
Cello: Charlotte Ellis

All other production done by myself~


all rights reserved



Megan Steinke San Jose, California

Megan Steinke is an independent singer/songwriter, versatile musician, and composer from San Jose, CA.

Her music reflects her jazzy and acoustic influences, as she sings from her personal and spiritual experience.

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Track Name: Fly
Fly, chasing your dreams
No more wasting time, it’s time to go
Going towards the sky, it’s harder than it seems
But if you don’t try, you’ll never know

Hazy, thinkin’ bout a time less crazy
Lately you’ve been runnin’ though it’s rainy
Yes, you’re amazing
Just look at what you can do, honey
Oh, you’re waiting for your big break
in the city
Now you’re gonna fly (x2)
But if you don’t try,
We’ll never know

You’re singing
People always looking, staring
Oh, you’re beaming
You come across so gifted, lovely

Now you’re gonna fly (x2)
But if you don’t try,
We’ll never know
So you’re gonna fly
Track Name: Your Conversation
Invite me into your conversations
Invite me into your heart
Remind me to lose me reservations,
Laugh with me under the stars

Someday you’ll find it in your mind
To see the light outside the blinds
To come outside and realize I’ve been
Waiting for you
Oh, for this whole time
Assign me your new point of adoration,
and like me for my heart
Find me, and be my inspiration
Let me love you for who you are

Dine with me in five-star food locations
And show me who you are
Don’t lie to me or choose other
Just invite me into your heart

And I know life is a blur
And you want someone to love
Oh, can I just be her,
The one you’re dreaming of
Fly with me to beautiful destinations
In the sky we’ll fly so far
Spend time with me at every celebration
Let me love you for who you are
Invite me into your conversations
Track Name: Another Side (feat. Rachel Steinke)
I’ve been waiting in line
Watchin’ everybody else go by
(show me another side)

And I’m doing alright
Staying in the big city tonight

Take me to a place
Where we can run and hide
Open up and
Show me another side
I’ve been doing my time
Can’t stop thinkin ‘bout you and I
(show me another side)

And I’m wondering why
Everybody else can do things

I’ve been waiting in line (show
me another side)
Watching everybody else go by
(show me another side)
Track Name: Place Like This (feat. Luigi Gatuslao)
I don’t know what to say
My thoughts get in the way
Of words that patter on my heart

As I look down at your hands and
Try to steal a glance, oh
Into your mind, find out who you are

Who knows where to start at a place
like this
Who knows where to go from a place
like this
I’m lost in a place that I’ve never been
Is it real right now or is it just a wish?

Your words, they turn to paint
Light blue on a Monet
Lost in color at the edge of your lips

My vision turns to gray whenever
you’re away
Lost in silence at the edge of a cliff

And one day maybe
This will be real
You’ll stick around, honey, and
Tell me how you feel
Track Name: Your Call (feat. Dre'es)
I’m waiting for your call
My whole world is waiting for you
Honey, it’s your call
The wind will blow wherever you choose, so
Call me soon

Everyday I’m hoping you will step into my
line, try to get into my past, learning
More than just my name, just
And I don’t need a grand gesture,
Anything you say will make my head turn
I want this thing to
My heart is ‘bout to fall, let’s go to the
matinee and watch the summer turn to fall


Everyday I look around and see a lost cause,
Couples on the sidewalk
Hummin’ love songs, yeah, I want
Something like that
Something that lasts, where are you at?
Take a minute
Take a minute, and tell me ‘bout your life,
am I in it? Take an hour, and let me be your
pretty pink flower in the
Daytime, but you’ll never stay, right?
Half the time I don’t think you are really
okay, right?
So speak now. When you are around do
you think about me and the love that could
‘Cause I think that you’re astounding
When you are around me, but do you think
of this at all?

Wait for your call
Missing your face
Lay on the floor with my phone on my palm
Wait for your call
An hour goes by and I’m feelin’ real eager
Wait for your call
Though I try it again and I don’t wanna push
it, I don’t wanna risk it
We kick it too much, I’m respectin’ your
wishes, I’m giving you
Give you your distance
My life is a mess, you’re my light I emit it’s
Checkin my phone
I hope it’s you callin’ me back so we can go
Go everywhere, I go with you, where you at
Track Name: Cold Goes Away
Lovely trees are made of green and
Flowers in may
Birds will sing, and bumblebees
Will whistle as they play

And soon the sky will turn to white,
The birds will say goodbye
A new surprise will fill our lives, and
Fall will meet our eyes

And now all the colors are turning to gray
And now all the leaves show a change in
And now the chills of the air come my way
Today and tomorrow ‘til the
Cold goes away,
‘Til it goes away

People in the city sit
Under a little roof
Sheltered from the cold, dark sun
Just longing for June

‘Til it goes away
Track Name: Breathe (feat. Will Breman, Micaela Elise)
I’ll just sit and stare for a little while
I’ve been running around,
But it’s quieter now so I’ll breathe

I’ll just sit and pray for a little while
I’ve been falling down,
So while I’m on the ground I’ll just breathe

I’ll just calm you down for a little while
You’ve been looking around, trying to
Find a way out of this mess
I’ll just sit with you for a little while
You’ve been so hard to reach
But now it’s just you and me, so just

Will Breman:
I’ve been so hard to reach for a little while
I’ve been comin’ up short, tryin’ to
Find it in me to just breathe

Micaela Elise:
Rise and fall with me
I’ve been down on
The world is pushing down on me and
It’s so hard to breathe with this
Pain in my chest
I will my heart to beat
With the fire that’s lighted
A passion ignited
A spirit delighted
A joy that’s excited for
When I’ve done all I can do
Rose to fall for me
Gettin’ down on earth,
Comin’ down to bleed
I feel you lifting me up
Become a masterpiece
And the sound of your love
Plays a symphony, yeah
Every night I dream
To be as high as a tree
And discover a world without the weight of
this merciless gravity
I clear my lungs to sing
‘Cause you’re everything I need to breathe

If I were a bird, I’d fly to
The highest cloud in the greatest city in the
If I didn’t fall, I’d climb to
The highest peak in the greatest valley in
the world

I’ll just sit and smile for a little while
I’m alive and inside I feel a peace I can’t fight
so I breathe
Track Name: Everywhere You Go
I’m up in an air balloon, and I
I keep thinking maybe soon, I’ll find
A destination that is waiting for me

I try to find the ground, but I
I can’t tell up from down, so I
Just keep on going

‘Cause there’s no way of knowing
That now is the time
When everything is right

When a sidewalk in the rain
Reflects a smiling face,
You know you’ve made it (x2)
When your mother says goodnight,
And there’s loving in her eyes,
Just try to keep it with you
Everywhere you go

Downtown seems so alive, so I
I stop by the shop at night, and I
Play music for the people passing by
They never want to stay, but I
Keep singing anyway, and I
Find joy in the moment,
‘Cause there’s no way of knowin’

And times go by like the sun
It’s fine if you’re not number one
Just try to give all your love,
And give kindness
Everywhere you go
When the sun starts to rise
And the bluebird starts to fly
You know you’ve made it (x2)
When a whisper meets your ear
And you love the one who’s near
Just try to keep it with you
Everywhere You Go
Track Name: Gone
You were here for a minute
Took off your shoes
You had to go after sittin’
You have your own life, that’s old news

You’re in a plane passing by
It’s hard to say to you goodbye
I’m trying to catch a butterfly
But every time I close my eyes
It’s gone

I would love just another minute of you
We could stay through the hours
What have we got to lose

You’re in the clouds passing by
It’s hard to see you go tonight
I’m trying to hold a piece of life
But every time I close my eyes

I’m sick of time taking
I’m sick of songs fading
You’ve been gone for too long lately

You’re far away full-time
It’s hard to know that it’s right
I’m trying to steal a moment’s light
But every time I close my eyes
It’s gone
It’s gone
You’re gone
Track Name: Something Like That
His hand shields her shoulder
Like a coat in November
His coffee’s getting cold, but he
doesn’t care

She’s writing a poem
The words are about him
Carving his character onto a sheet
razor thin

I want something like that,
Something simple like that
I want something like that

He speaks through the silence
But she sits like a stone
Stubborn eyes sting but his voice
sounds just like home

She pictures a place where
They roam all alone
Then nothing would hurt like bad news
through the telephone

I want something like that,
Something steady like that
I want something like that
I wanted something like that

There all the lights are dim
There all she sees is him
Talking like no one else exists

I want something like that
Something worth it like that
I want something like that

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